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For basic users, we have a simple pricing model which makes payment easy for our customers and takes away the pain from both the purchase and continued use of Medikal HMS. This pricing model  is called

Pay per Patient per Visit pricing model (PPV)

The PPV model allows you to pay for only what you use. It is very simple. Currently, you can sign on with zero (you heard it right) zero sign on cost. We will only charge you for training and on-site setup, if you require it. If you can learn Medikal HMS on your own, we will only charge you for setup!

Once you are signed on, you can start using Medikal HMS right away and we will only charge you for what you use.

How does the PPV model work?

The PPV model means you get billed a very small usage fee every time a patient makes a visit to your facility and you process them on the platform. You pay a small fee per visit. This fee comes in two categories.

Standard and Enterprise

For standard users, you get charged N100 (One Hundred Naira only) usage fee for every patient visit

Enterprise users get charged N200 (Two Hundred Naira only) for every patient visit.

What is a Patient Visit?

For out-patients, a patient visit is the period from when a patient is clocked in to the platform for the day’s visit up to when they are clocked out for the day. This is normally done by the front desk or equivalent person when the the patient is added to the waiting list. Note that a patient cannot be attended to in the system fully, if they are not added or clocked into the waiting list. Certain functions will not work if the patient is not clocked in. A typical visit is normally completed within a day. Any visit that overflows into the following day is normally one that involves a patient being admitted into the ward and assigned a bed. At the end of the patient’s visit, the front desk officer will close the patient’s file for the day and complete the visit.

Note: A patient’s visit therefore is completed whenever any of two conditions are met. These are:

  1. The visit ends and the front desk or equivalent personel closes the patients file for the day or
  2. At midnight of same day. A new visit will start to count after midnight of the checked in date.

For in-patients, a patient visit is calculated for every day the patient spends in admission. Long staying patients might have their fees discounted after a certain number of days.

The PPV is calculated and invoiced at the end of the month or at a fixed anniversary day of the month. You will receive an invoice for the amount incured automatically. You can place your card on file so the platform can deduct payment at invoice due date.

There might be some days of grace after invoice due date and the system will automatically suspend or disconnect any account that fails to pay after the grace period.

You are advised to contact us if there is an issue with making payments after the due date.

You can also raise any payment disputes if applicable and it will be treated promptly. Any genuine cases of wrong billing will be reverted.

As stated above, if you require on-site setup and training, you will be charged a flat fee of

  1. N100, 000 (One hundred thousand Naira only) for Hospitals in Lagos area and
  2. N100, 000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira only), plus cost of accomodation and transport, for hospitals outside Lagos.
One Hundred Naira per
patient per visit
One Hundred and fifty
Naira per patient per visit

For advanced and enterprice users, please call for pricing specific to you. The PPV pricing is designed to serve small upstart clinics, especially in rural areas.