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Patient Records

Patients Management Functions
Patient Status, Admissions, Transactions, Appointments, Consultations, Vital Signs, Ward Rounds, Prescriptions, Drug Admin, Surgery, Lab Tests, Media Manager
More Patients Activities
Medikal takes care of registration, clinic, tests, diagnosis and patients history. As doctors and nurses do their work, Medikal keeps everyone seamlessly connected. A doctor with a tablet can get patients records while on ward rounds and nurses can register drugs administered to patients instantly. Patients are charged instantly to their account.
Admissions Management Module
This module helps you manage your wards and beds. In-patient ward and bed assignments, checkins, checkouts, bed availability, etc are easily tracked. You can use the ward/bed setup tool to create wards and beds and name is using your own naming scheme.
Admissions History
Medikal keeps track of patients admissions history. You can always go back and check patients history from inception. This tool is can also help you analyse your sales and track customer patterns.
Emergency Services
The emergency manager takes care of all emergencies from registraton to records to history. You can easily all track where everything is going
Ambulatory Services
This module wil help you manage all your Ambulatory operations and track patients status and financials. It allows the clinic to fit into your bag