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Extended Departments

Laboratory Services Manager
With Medikal, doctors can book tests for patients as the consult with the. These tests are then avaible to the lab department. The depart can then charge the patients and run the tests. The Lab module has the necessary tools to manage the process.
Radiology Services Manager
Like the lab services, Medikal has a module for managing your Radiology department and ensuring that records are kept and retirved with ease. You can even scan patients results into the system and save for later use
Test Results
When tests results are ready, they are entered into the system and doctors can view from their location. The same module also manages Radiology services. Inventory used for tests can be tracked and billed accordingly and automatically to the patients account.
The Pharmacy module helps you manage your hospital or healthcare center pharmacy inventory and sales. You can create unlimited categories for your items
The Pharmacy modue also comes with a full featured Point of sales (POS) software. You can create orders, make sales, retrieve old orders, print receipts and lots more