Why Africa Healthcare Must go digital!

This is a call to action that Africa must not ignore!

With over 190 million population, Nigeria has about 3% access to healthcare, 1% digital healthcare data and 1% process automation. This is a very terrible problem that requires a revolutionary solution. The Nigerian healthcare industry has a potential of over three billion dollars per annum. Much of this potential is lost in an unstructured, manual and inefficient business process.

The healthcare industry in Nigeria and Africa remains one of the least technologically ready industries. Most of the processes and work-flow are still largely manual driven. There is a real case for the total automation of the healthcare industry. The right kind of automation will not only improve productivity and efficiency, it will turn the industry into a major technologically driven, public service platform as well as a much more viable and sustainable business; much more than it is today.

With Nigeria’s two hundred million population strength, and Africa’s growing 1.2 billion population, a healthcare value chain solution is a potential business gold mine.

Medikal is the Swiss knife of the Healthcare industry. As a collection of tools and services, it provides a robust platform for healthcare entities and stake holders to manage their business, interconnect, interact, exchange data and business handshakes and become a full value chain.

Think of healthcare Insurance organisations being able to process their financials from all the healthcare centres and hospitals on their watch, right from their office headquarters?

Think of Doctors being able to place orders for drugs to pharmacies right across the city and have the orders delivered to patients?

Think of government and international Healthcare agencies being able to pull up very useful and credible healthcare reports on diseases and demographics?

Think of patients being able to access prescriptions, antenatal and immunization schedules right from the comfort of their App?

Think of pharmaceuticals being able to get vital data on their drugs use and demographic spread?

Think of what policies and actions government can take with, down to the minute, accurate and credible healthcare data like births, deaths and diagnosis?

Think of all these and much more, and you are thinking Medikal.

This is the transformation that Medikal seeks to bring about today. With our technology and infrastructure, we at Medikal seek to take Africa into the next generation of healthcare. This will in turn, have a massive social impact and completely transform the African business terrain and overall well being.